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DC Power Sources

ETPS provide one of the widest DC source rental ranges on the market. A selection of programmable power, voltage and current outputs are readily available.

Every one of our power supplies is provided with constant voltage and constant current modes. Where more functionality is needed, selected models have adjustable resistance, constant power and PV simulation modes. Rental systems come with front panel control for simple programming. Most units are also fitted with computer interfaces for remote control and monitoring.

Where more complex testing is required, we offer application GUIs for LAB-GSS and LAB-TC systems. The software programs the hardware to replicate real world behaviour of a power component. Pre-installed tests are available for areas such as battery emulation, photovoltaic simulation and electric drive testing. Cranking curve simulation is also possible on request.

Where facilities don't have access to an incoming three phase mains supply, models are available which operate from a single phase input. Outputs up to 5kW/800V/76A are possible.

Heavier systems are shipped in wheeled flight cases with shock and vibration mounts to ease on-site use. When hiring multiple power systems, they can be fitted into the same flight case where appropriate to maximise floor space.

Did you know...
  • We provide a selection of new DC sources under 40kW.
  • If you require more power, then we also have a range of DC sources over 40kW to purchase.


High Power PSU with DC Load Functions


Every LAB-GSS module has an extensive feature set which includes an inbuilt 8 channel recording scope and adjustable internal resistance. RS-232 and analogue interfaces are provided with every module for remote control. A high speed 1kHz CAN interface is installed with selected models, which is particularly popular in automotive research.

Each module also functions as a fully programmable electronic load. This makes the LAB-GSS ideal for researching devices with bidirectional DC power flows. When functioning as a load, the unit recycles DC sink energy back to the grid, with typical losses of around 7%. This is in contrast to conventional electronic loads which waste 100% of electrical energy that could be reused, by simply dissipating it as heat.

Our rental systems can be combined in series, parallel or matrix configurations with any LAB-GSS modules you have previously purchased, providing they have the same nominal outputs. This allows any short term requirements outside of usual operating ranges to be met.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-GSS 32-65±32kW0 - 65V0 to ±600ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 32-500±32kW0 - 500V0 to ±80ADatasheet
LAB-GSS+TC 64-65+64/-32kW0 - 65V+1200A / -600ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 64-500±64kW0 - 500V0 to ±160ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 64-1000±64kW0 - 1000V0 to ±80ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 96-500±96kW0 - 500V0 to ±240ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 96-1500±96kW0 - 1500V0 to ±80ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 128-500±128kW0 - 500V0 to ±320ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 128-1000±128kW0 - 1000V0 to ±160ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 160-500±160kW0 - 500V0 to ±400ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 192-500±192kW0 - 500V0 to ±480ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 192-1000±192kW0 - 1000V0 to ±240ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 192-1500±192kW0 - 1500V0 to ±160ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 224-500±224kW0 - 500V0 to ±560ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 256-500±256kW0 - 500V0 to ±640ADatasheet
LAB-GSS 256-1000±256kW0 - 1000V0 to ±320ADatasheet


High Power Advanced DC Sources


The LAB-TC is ideal for testing advanced DC devices. Each unit has an embedded function generator which allows users to plot out exact waveforms. Standard sine, square and sawtooth shapes can be plotted against time for voltage, current and power outputs. User defined waveforms are possible, along with parametric programming.

Each system comes with a simple and intuitive TopControl operating GUI. Live values of the PSU are displayed graphically, along with any warning and error messages. The software provides a variety of second level parameters, ideal for users who like to optimise their test processes. Application GUIs are available for implementing battery charging characteristics, simulating solar arrays and emulating a discharging battery pack.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-TC 2-462kW0 - 46V0 - 43ADatasheet
LAB-TC 32-6532kW0 - 65V0 - 600ADatasheet
LAB-GSS+TC 64-13064kW0 - 130V0 - 600ADatasheet


Autoranging DC Power Supply


Each LAB-AUTO DC power supply has inbuilt autoranging, which means a greater number of voltage and current combinations are possible within the unit's nominal power rating. Therefore several conventional DC sources can often be replaced with just one rental system. Up to 8000 sets of programmed memories for V, A, W and time values can be stored within the system's internal memory.

Constant voltage, current and power modes are provided. OVP and OCP limits can be adjusted to help safeguard sensitive loads. Ramp profiles and slew rate are also programmable. Each unit also has a programmable internal resistance range, making it ideal for simulating the output of energy storage devices such as batteries and capacitors.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-AUTO 500-9015.3kW0 - 525V0 - 94.5ADatasheet
LAB-AUTO 1500-3015.3kW0 - 1575V0 - 31.5ADatasheet
LAB-AUTO 1500-6030.6kW0 - 1575V0 - 63ADatasheet


30kW DC Power Supply


The LAB-IGBT is a robust range of switch mode power sources based on IGBT technology. Front panel control and display is provided for setting the output of the system. The power supply is able to operate in constant voltage and current modes.

A host of safety features are provided. This includes over temperature and fast acting fuses, as well as voltage, current and power limits. The LAB-IGBT is ideal for applications which require bulk DC power such as electrolysis, water treatment and electroplating.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 


High Power DC Sources


Each LAB-HP system is supplied in its own wheeled flight case for ease of transport. A 10 turn digitally encoded potentiometer allows for straight forward front panel operation. Most units have a large blue LCD screen that displays relevant output quantities simultaneously, with the exception of the LAB-HP 540 which has LED displays. Output values can be preset and read prior to releasing the output.

A soft interlock circuit allows users to connect the unit to an external safety device, such as an emergency stop. This feature requires a high signal (+10V) to be present between two pins, otherwise the output will be shutdown. The power supply can be operated in CC, CV, CP and CR modes. Each unit is built with an RS-232 and isolated analogue interface with switchable ranging for remote control of the PSU.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-HP 5405kW0 - 40V0 - 125ADatasheet
LAB-HP 1015010kW0 - 150V0 - 70ADatasheet
LAB-HP 156015kW0 - 60V0 - 250ADatasheet
LAB-HP 306030kW0 - 60V0 - 500ADatasheet
LAB-HP 3012030kW0 - 120V0 - 250ADatasheet


5kW DC Source with Single Phase Input


A special 5kW LAB-SMS unit is available with a single phase AC input. The PSU displays many output values simultaneously on its large screen. Adjustable resistance and constant power mode are provided, making the unit ideal for simulating a discharging battery pack. A dedicated PVSim mode simulates a generator’s MPP tracking in both current and voltage modes. This is ideal to test the performance of photovoltaic inverters.

The power supply has been prepared for mobile applications with additional strapping and gluing of larger components. It can be supplied in a flight case with shock and vibration mounts, making the unit ideal for applications such as battery charging in motorsports.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-SMS 58005kW0 - 800V0 - 6.25ADatasheet


DC Sources with Single Phase Input


Each LAB-DSP unit is provided with simple front panel control, as well as various remote control interfaces. All units operate from a single phase wide AC input (85 to 265Vac) with active PFC. An interlock function is provided, enabling the connection of an external emergency stop or output off switch.

The LAB-DSP provides excellent setting and measurement resolution via its 16-bit processors. Voltage ramp up and down times can be adjusted from the front panel, with settings up to 99.9 seconds possible. Protection levels are user adjustable for over voltage and current to avoid damage to sensitive loads.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-DSP 150-005750W0 - 150V0 - 5ADatasheet
LAB-DSPH 020-0761.5kW0 - 20V0 - 76ADatasheet
LAB-DSP 150-0101.5kW0 - 150V0 - 10ADatasheet
LAB-DSP 300-0051.5kW0 - 300V0 - 5ADatasheet


2.4kW DC Source with SD Card


The compact 1U power supply is equipped with constant current, voltage and power operating modes. A PVSim mode is also provided which enables a photovoltaic generator's MPP tracking to be simulated. An SD card slot allows the LAB-SMP to record and edit user defined DC waveforms via simple script files.

A soft interlock circuit allows users to connect the unit to an external safety device, such as an emergency stop. This feature requires a high signal (+10V) to be present between two pins, otherwise the output will be shutdown. Remote control interfaces fitted to the unit include IEEE, LAN, USB, 0-5Vdc and 0-10Vdc analogue.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-SMP 21502.4kW0-150V0-16ADatasheet


Low Power Programmable DC Sources


LAB-SM DC sources with power outputs up to 2kW are available for rental. Each unit features constant voltage and current operating modes. Power Factor Correction of 0.98 is standard across the range. These power supplies feature automatic ranging combined with automatic power control. This often saves the rental of a second unit.

Voltage and current outputs can be preset and read before applying them to the load. The LAB-SM 245 has an inbuilt feature to simulate a 24Vdc automotive cranking curve. A front panel button switches this feature off if not required. Additional features include adjustable over voltage protection, remote sense, stand by and thermal overload protection.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-SM 1701kW0 - 70V0 - 20ADatasheet
LAB-SM 2452kW0 - 45V0 - 50ADatasheet


Linear DC Source with AC Functions


The EAC-S is designed for exacting users who demand a high quality output. All power supply functions can be controlled via the front panel, as well as by RS-232, RS485, CAN, USB and LAN interfaces. An SD card memory function allows users to create their own waveforms and load them into the unit.

Besides DC operation, the EAC-S is also a fully functional AC power supply. Sine, triangular and square waves up to 500Hz can be selected. A DC offset can be combined with the AC voltage, ensuring that almost any waveform can be created. The user can also preset the starting phase angle when the output is activated.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
EAC-S 500500VA0 - 300Vrms / 0-425Vdc0 - 6ADatasheet


Triple Output DC Power Supplies


These units feature a menu driven display which shows the voltage and current for all 3 output channels simultaneously. While each output can be set independently, the user can also combine channels 1 and 2. For example, channel 2 can be set to copy the values entered for channel 1. The first two channels can also be programmed to operate in parallel or series.

The LAB-LPS 505N provides the fastest voltage rise, with typical values being 1ms to full load. The LAB-PPS 3210 provides the best setting and readback resolutions of 1mV & 100µA across the whole voltage and current range. Both models are provided with RS-232 and USB interfaces for remote control. OVP and OCP levels are user adjustable to help protect sensitive loads.

 Part NumberMax. PowerVoltage RangeCurrent Range 
LAB-LPS 505N90W / 90W / 30W0-30/ 0-30/ 0-15VDC0-3/ 0-3/ 0-5ADatasheet
LAB-PPS 321096W / 96W / 30W0-32/ 0-32/ 0-15VDC0-3/ 0-3/ 0-5ADatasheet
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