Bidirectional DC

Each bidirectional DC system operates as either a programmable power supply or an electronic load. We hold numerous models in stock with various power, current and voltage outputs.

The all-in-one approach allows you to test almost any DC source or sink, as high dynamics enable users to quickly switch between quadrants. When operating as a load, any excess sink energy is regenerated back to the grid.

Each rental system comes with a simple and intuitive operating GUI as standard. Live values of the power system are displayed graphically along with any warning and error messages. The software provides a variety of second level parameters, ideal for users who like to optimise their test processes.

Application specific GUIs are also available, with pre-installed tests for common applications. These include battery pack emulation, super capacitor simulation, battery pack cycling and photovoltaic simulation. Drive cycle tests can also be implemented, with the ability to import and recreate data previously obtained from a test track.

Modules are mounted into flight cases with electrical integrations. A status indicator alerts users of any residual energy on the DC link greater than 15V or 30V (model dependant). This operates even if the mains power is turned off. Another indicator illuminates to show the rotation of the AC input voltage is correct. Panel mounted DC sockets are provided for convenience.

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Did you know...

  • We also provide a selection of new bidirectional DC systems.
  • If you only require only source functionality, then we have a dedicated range of rental DC power supplies.
  • We also have a selection of rental heat dissipative DC electronic loads with sink only operation.
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Bidirectional DC Systems up to 162kW

Min Max
Power: 0 to 54kW 0 to 162kW
Voltage: 0 to 1000V 0 to 1500V
Current: 0 to 162A 0 to 486A

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High Current Bidirectional DC Systems

Min Max
Power: 0 to 32kW 0 to 64kW
Voltage: 0 to 65V 0 to 65V
Current: 0 to 600A 0 to 1200A

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