Desktop High Voltage Sources


Desktop High Voltage Sources

A wide range of V/I outputs are possible up to 70kV & 350W for these desktop PSUs. Constant current and constant voltage modes are standard.

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Min Max
Power: 0 to 350W 0 to 350W
Voltage: 0 to 1kV 0 to 70kV
Current: 0 to 5mA 0 to 350mA
Standard Control:HMI, CAN, USB
Form Factor:Desktop

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Product Information

The HTP-HPDx are a series of programmable high voltage laboratory power supplies in a convenient desktop case. A wide range of V and I outputs are possible up to 70kVDC/350W.

Along with front panel control and display the unit is built with CAN and USB interfaces as standard. Versions with blank front panels controlled via analogue signal are also available. Innovative resonance mode techniques enable the units to operate at very high efficiencies.

  • High Voltages Between 1kVDC to 70kVDC
  • USB and CAN Interface as Standard    
  • Optional Interfaces Available
  • OEM Versions on Request
  • Efficiencies of up to 85%
  • Compact Benchtop Case

Technical Specifications

Operating Modes

Form Factor and Enclosures

Rental Systems

Product Applications

Selection Table

Max PowerOutput VoltageOutput Current
HTP-HPDx 10 357 y350W0 - 1kV0 - 350mA Add
HTP-HPDx 20 177 y350W0 - 2kV0 - 175mA Add
HTP-HPDx 30 127 y350W0 - 3kV0 - 120mA Add
HTP-HPDx 50 706 y350W0 - 5kV0 - 70mA Add
HTP-HPDx 80 456 y350W0 - 8kV0 - 45mA Add
HTP-HPDx 100 356 y350W0 - 10kV0 - 35mA Add
HTP-HPDx 150 236 y345W0 - 15kV0 - 23mA Add
HTP-HPDx 200 186 y350W0 - 20kV0 - 18mA Add
HTP-HPDx 250 146 y350W0 - 25kV0 - 14mA Add
HTP-HPDx 300 126 y350W0 - 30kV0 - 12mA Add
HTP-HPDx 400 905 y350W0 - 40kV0 - 9mA Add
HTP-HPDx 500 705 y350W0 - 50kV0 - 7mA Add
HTP-HPDx 600 605 y350W0 - 60kV0 - 6mA Add
HTP-HPDx 700 505 y350W0 - 70kV0 - 5mA Add

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