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High Power DC Source Cabinets

LAB-IGBT: High Power DC Source Cabinets
Max. Voltage Model 400V
Min. Power Model 40kW
Max. Power Model 90kW
Technology Switch Mode
Case Style Cabinet
The LAB-IGBT is a robust range of switch mode power sources based on IGBT technology. These units are ideal for medium to high power application where full adjustability of voltage and current limit is required. Front panel control and display is provided as standard. For remote control your chosen unit can be built with either standard or isolated analogue interfaces. A wide range of computer interfaces are also optionally available.

On request additional filtering can be built into the unit to drastically reduce the output ripple to <1%. Forced air cooling is standard although convection cooling can be specified. Series and parallel operation is possible ensuring your organisation's investment is safeguarded should your power requirements change.

A host of safety features are provided including V, I & W limits along with overtemperature and fast acting fuses. If a unit from the standard range is not ideal then please let us know your requirement. Almost any output of up to 400Vdc, 5,000A at a maximum power of 90kW is possible with this platform.
Product Family
 Part NumberPowerVoltageCurrent
LAB-IGBT 10-400040kW0 - 10V0 - 4000A
LAB-IGBT 30-133340kW0 - 30V0 - 1333A
LAB-IGBT 60-66640kW0 - 60V0 - 666A
LAB-IGBT 80-50040kW0 - 80V0 - 500A
LAB-IGBT 125-32040kW0 - 125V0 - 320A
LAB-IGBT 200-20040kW0 - 200V0 - 200A
LAB-IGBT 300-13340kW0 - 300V0 - 133A
LAB-IGBT 400-10040kW0 - 400V0 - 100A
LAB-IGBT 10-500050kW0 - 10V0 - 5000A
LAB-IGBT 30-166650kW0 - 30V0 - 1666A
LAB-IGBT 60-83350kW0 - 60V0 - 833A
LAB-IGBT 80-62550kW0 - 80V0 - 625A
LAB-IGBT 125-40050kW0 - 125V0 - 400A
LAB-IGBT 200-25050kW0 - 200V0 - 250A
LAB-IGBT 300-16650kW0 - 300V0 - 166A
LAB-IGBT 400-12550kW0 - 400V0 - 125A
LAB-IGBT 12-500060kW0 - 12V0 - 5000A
LAB-IGBT 30-200060kW0 - 30V0 - 2000A
LAB-IGBT 60-100060kW0 - 60V0 - 1000A
LAB-IGBT 80-75060kW0 - 80V0 - 750A
LAB-IGBT 125-48060kW0 - 125V0 - 480A
LAB-IGBT 200-30060kW0 - 200V0 - 300A
LAB-IGBT 300-20060kW0 - 300V0 - 200A
LAB-IGBT 400-15060kW0 - 400V0 - 150A
LAB-IGBT 14-500070kW0 - 14V0 - 5000A
LAB-IGBT 30-233370kW0 - 30V0 - 2333A
LAB-IGBT 60-116670kW0 - 60V0 - 1166A
LAB-IGBT 80-87570kW0 - 80V0 - 875A
LAB-IGBT 125-56070kW0 - 125V0 - 560A
LAB-IGBT 200-35070kW0 - 200V0 - 350A
LAB-IGBT 300-23370kW0 - 300V0 - 233A
LAB-IGBT 400-17570kW0 - 400V0 - 175A
LAB-IGBT 16-500080kW0 - 16V0 - 5000A
LAB-IGBT 30-266680kW0 - 30V0 - 2666A
LAB-IGBT 60-133380kW0 - 60V0 - 1333A
LAB-IGBT 80-100080kW0 - 80V0 - 1000A
LAB-IGBT 125-64080kW0 - 125V0 - 640A
LAB-IGBT 200-40080kW0 - 200V0 - 400A
LAB-IGBT 300-26680kW0 - 300V0 -266A
LAB-IGBT 400-20080kW0 - 400V0 - 200A
LAB-IGBT 18-500090kW0 - 18V0 - 5000A
LAB-IGBT 30-300090kW0 - 30V0 - 3000A
LAB-IGBT 60-150090kW0 - 60V0 - 1500A
LAB-IGBT 80-112590kW0 - 80V0 - 1125A
LAB-IGBT 125-72090kW0 - 125V0 - 720A
LAB-IGBT 200-45090kW0 - 200V0 - 450A
LAB-IGBT 300-30090kW0 - 300V0 - 300A
LAB-IGBT 400-22590kW0 - 400V0 - 225A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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