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High Power DC Sources

Our high power DC sources are built for big demands. We engineer systems from tens of kilowatts in to the megawatt range. A wide selection of nominal voltages and currents are available.

If you require a non-standard output up to 1500V, the LAB-HPP can be modified without affecting cost or lead time. For example, if you need exactly 835V at 60kW, we will provide a unit with exactly those output ranges. Besides constant voltage and current operation, each LAB-HPP comes with adjustable resistance, constant power and PV simulation modes.

For more complex requirements, our unidirectional LAB-TCH and bidirectional LAB-GSSH modular systems are available with an embedded function generator. This allows virtually any complex DC waveform to be created. Advanced application GUIs can also be provided for capacitor and battery emulation, as well as electric drive and battery cycling.

Where modularity is not necessary, high power single blocks up to 2MW are available in the bidirectional LAB-SCUBI range. These units provide a highly stable output of ≤0.1% rms F.S. for both current and voltage, ideal for powering sensitive DUTs. A typical time for a 10% to 90% load step in CC mode is less than 1ms, assuming an ohmic load.

All of our switch mode DC power supplies are built to order, so you can specify your chosen remote control interfaces. Analogue, RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet or IEEE 488.2 can be selected for most systems. A high speed CAN interface is also available for certain models, which is particularly popular in automotive applications.

Did you know...
  • If you require less power, then we also have a range of DC sources under 40kW.
  • Bidirectional DC sink/source systems with mains recycling are available.
  • If you need something non-standard, we will look to provide a custom solution. Common adaptations include bespoke output ranges, flight case integrations and ruggedised systems.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
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