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High Voltage High Power DC Loads

ELP-HIVOLT: High Voltage High Power DC Loads
Max. Voltage Model 1250VDC
Min. Power Model 5kW
Max. Power Model 480kW
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP, Short
Dynamic Function Yes
Case Style Cabinet

The ELP-HIVOLT is a family of precision high voltage DC electronic loads. Up to eight units can be operated in master/slave for high power applications.

Operation from 1250V all the way down to 55V without current derating is possible, allowing one system to test many devices. Standard operating features include OVP & OCP tests, dual voltage and current ranges, 150 state memory as well as CC, CV, CR and CP modes.

The ELP-HIVOLT series has a total of 5 battery discharge modes. These simplify test set up for users, whilst avoiding conditions which could result in permanent battery damage due to over or under voltage. A BMS test option is also available, which provides two complete test routines for analysis and certification.

In dynamic mode adjustable rise, fall and plateau times allow testing of high voltage DC energy, such as renewables. Dedicated short circuit, OCP and OPP tests allow power supply behaviour and protection mechanisms to be characterised.

A sequencing function means that stored settings can be implemented against time, enabling the unit to carry out state-dependant and complex test routines without the need for a computer interface.

Should remote control be required then LAN, USB, RS-232 or GPIB cards can be specified. Interface cards can also be easily retro-fitted or even swapped in the field by the user, further expanding its capability.

Did You Know...

  • If you need more voltage, modular ELP-GXS power recycling loads can be operated up to 1500VDC in series connection.
  • The ELP-34305 provides sink voltages from 1000VDC all the way down to 20VDC without current derating.
Product Family
 Part NumberRange 1 Max PowerRange 1 Max VoltageRange 1 CurrentRange 2 Max PowerRange 2 Max VoltageRange 2 Current
ELP-HIVOLT 055kW1250VDC0 - 2.5A5kW1250VDC0 - 25A
ELP-HIVOLT 1010kW1250VDC0 - 5A10kW1250VDC0 - 50A
ELP-HIVOLT 1515kW1250VDC0 - 7.5A15kW1250VDC0 - 75A
ELP-HIVOLT 2020kW1250VDC0 - 10A20kW1250VDC0 - 100A
ELP-HIVOLT 2525kW1250VDC0 - 12.5A25kW1250VDC0 - 125A
ELP-HIVOLT 3030kW1250VDC0 - 15A30kW1250VDC0 - 150A
ELP-HIVOLT 3535kW1250VDC0 - 17.5A35kW1250VDC0 - 175A
ELP-HIVOLT 4040kW1250VDC0 - 20A40kW1250VDC0 - 200A
ELP-HIVOLT 5050kW1250VDC0 - 25A50kW1250VDC0 - 250A
ELP-HIVOLT 6060kW1250VDC0 - 30A60kW1250VDC0 - 300A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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