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High Voltage DC Loads

ELP-3360F: High Voltage DC Loads
Max. Voltage Model 500VDC
Min. Power Model 600W
Max. Power Model 5.4kW
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP, SC
Dynamic Function Yes
Case Style Rack Mount
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Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerOperation VoltageMaximum Current
ELP-3360F600W500VDC0 - 20A
ELP-3361F1.2kW500VDC0 - 40A
ELP-3362F1.8kW500VDC0 - 60A
ELP-3367F1.8kW500VDC0 - 12A
ELP-33611F2.4kW500VDC0 - 80A
ELP-33621F3.6kW500VDC0 - 120A
ELP-33671F3.6kW500VDC0 - 24A
ELP-33622F5.4kW500VDC0 - 180A
ELP-33672F5.4kW500VDC0 - 36A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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