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Battery Charger

BC-ZAT: Battery Charger
Min. Voltage Model 13.7V
Max. Voltage Model 246.6V
Min. Power Model 800W
Max. Power Model 3.2kW
Case Style Desktop
Chemistry Ni-Cd/Ni-MH/Lead Acid/Li-ion
The BC-ZAT range of power supplies are able to operate as either an AC/DC Power Source or DC/DC Converter. The units start at maximum output powers of 800 watts to 3.2 kilowatts. This compact range can achieve efficiencies of up to 90%, providing a lower level of input energy to power your application. The units incorporate a passive power factor correction circuit and are protected against over current and short circuits by an automatic, self-resetting electronic current limit. All of the components are derated to provide long term reliability and trouble free use. Optional analogue control and alarm relay models are available on request.
Product Family
 Part NumberOutput PowerVAC InputVDC InputOutput VoltageOutput Current
BC-ZAT 800-13.7-50-T800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC13.7VDC0 - 50A
BC-ZAT 800-27.4-30-T800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC27.4VDC0 - 30A
BC-ZAT 800-41.4-20-T800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC41.4VDC0 - 20A
BC-ZAT 800-54.8-15-T800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC54.8VDC0 - 15A
BC-ZAT 800-82.2-10-T800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC82.2VDC0 - 10A
BC-ZAT 800-123.3-7.5-T800W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC123.3VDC0 - 7.5A
BC-ZAT 1600-27.4-60-T1600W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC27.4VDC0 - 60A
BC-ZAT 1600-41.4-45-T1600W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC41.4VDC0 - 45A
BC-ZAT 1600-54.4-30-T1600W55 - 264VAC78 - 340VDC54.4VDC0 - 30A
BC-ZAT 3000-13.7-200-T3000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC13.7VDC0 - 200A
BC-ZAT 3000-27.4-127-T3200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC27.4VDC0 - 127A
BC-ZAT 3000-41.4-95-T3200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC41.4VDC0 - 95A
BC-ZAT 3000-54.8-64-T3200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC54.8VDC0 - 64A
BC-ZAT 3000-82.2-42-T3200W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC82.2VDC0 - 42A
BC-ZAT 3000-123.3-25-T3000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC123.3VDC0 - 25A
BC-ZAT 3000-137-20-T3000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC137VDC0 - 20A
BC-ZAT 3000-246.6-14-T3000W70 - 264VAC70 - 369VDC246.6VDC0 - 14A
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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