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High Power AC Electronic Load

ELPA-32611: High Power AC Electronic Load
Max. Voltage Model 300Vrms
Max. Power Model 12.6kVA
Max. Current Model 0 - 126Arms
Operating Modes CC, CR, CF
Case Style Rack Mount
The ELPA-32611 series are designed to simulate real loads used in medium to high power AC applications. The standard range is comprised of 6 units that can sink up to 300V at 12.6kVA.

Each load has a high peak current capability of up to 50% above its continuous rating. The crest factor can be adjusted between 1.5 and 3.5. The power factor can also be adjusted in order to recreate capacitive and inductive loads. An isolated analogue current monitor output is provided to allow the waveform to be viewed on an external scope.

Another benefit of these AC Loads is that they can also be used to sink DC Sources. This can often save laboratory space and the expense of purchasing a dedicated DC Load. The units are built with switchable automatic sense adjustment to counter the voltage drop in the load lines. Along with front panel control and display both IEEE 488.2 and RS232 interfaces are provided as standard.

A host of protection features guard the unit against over power, voltage, current and temperature. A thermally controlled fan helps minimize noise pollution. Two sink levels can be preset and switched between. To aid production testing higher and upper limits can be set. Units are then automatically flagged GO or NG. These Loads are used in a variety of applications including power transformer, DC/AC Inverter, general R&D and laboratory work along with UPS output testing and ATE systems.
Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerMaximum VoltageMaximum Current
ELPA-326113.6kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 36Arms
ELPA-326125.4kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 54Arms
ELPA-326137.2kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 72Arms
ELPA-326149kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 90Arms
ELPA-3261510.8kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 108Arms
ELPA-3261612.6kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 126Arms
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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