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AC Electronic Load with adjustable PF

ELPA-3260: AC Electronic Load with adjustable PF
Max. Voltage Model 300Vrms
Max. Power Model 2.4kVA
Max. Current Model 0 - 18Arms
Operating Modes CC, CR, CF
Case Style Rack Mount
While primarily aimed at AC applications this series of Electronic loads can also be used for DC testing. A comprehensive feature set is provided as standard.

Stored within the units non volatile memory is a waveform bank. When in constant current operation the user can select between sine, square and DC waveforms. Peak currents can be simulated with the crest factor mode. A leading or lagging power factor can be set with adjustments from unity to between 0.85 and 0.3. The desired wave can be recalled from the front panel or selected via the GPIB and RS232 interfaces. The loads can also be operated in constant resistance or linear CC mode.

To aid production testing upper and lower limits can be set with GO/NG indication. The dual 4½ digit displays simultaneously display the voltage and current taken by the load. A wattmeter and VAmeter are also provided. An analogue output is provided on the front panel for connecting to a scope so that the actual load current can viewed. These AC Loads are used in many production test and laboratory applications. With their ability to sink step and squarewaves the ELPA-3260 are particularly suitable for Inverter, AVR & UPS testing.
Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerMaximum VoltageMaximum Current
ELPA-32601.2kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 12Arms
ELPA-32611.8kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 18Arms
ELPA-326012.4kVA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 24Arms
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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