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AC/DC Electronic Load

ELPA-3250: AC/DC Electronic Load
Max. Voltage Model 300Vrms
Max. Power Model 300VA
Max. Current Model 0 - 20Arms
Operating Modes CC, CR, CF
Case Style Desktop/Rackmount
Available as a plug in load module the ELPA-3250 series has 3 versions with a choice of voltage and current ranges. These AC/DC Loads operate in constant current and constant resistance modes. Dual 4½ digit displays clearly show the voltage and current values at the load terminals. Remote sense is provided to counter any voltage drop in the load lines.

These modules can be housed within the 3302C single slot mainframe. Alternatively the rack mounting 3300C mainframe can accommodate up to 4 modules. This approach allows load modules from other ranges to be operated or mixed in the same mainframe. A front panel memory with an auto sequencing function is also provided. This is ideal to quickly implement common test procedures when the loads are used on the benchtop.

For batch testing upper and lower limits can be adjusted to signal pass or fail. An isolated current monitor is provided on the front panel. This is configured as a BNC socket making it ideal for viewing the actual load current on an oscilloscope.

The user can recall sine, square or DC waves from a bank of 55 common waveforms. The bank contains crest factor modes enabling high current peaks to be simulated. The power factor can also be adjusted in steps between 0.3 lagging and 0.3 leading. An external analogue input enables the ELPA-3250 to load according to an external signal. This allows complex waveforms to be set up on a function generator. Waveforms can be recalled or enabled from the front panel or via the RS-232 interface or the optional IEEE 488.2/GPIB interface.
Did you know...
  • The ELPA-3250 can be housed in a single frame (option /3302C) or four frame module (option /3300C). See the separate datasheet for our Load Mainframes
Product Family
 Part NumberMaximum PowerMaximum VoltageMaximum Current
ELPA-3250300VA60Vrms / 60VDC0 - 20Arms
ELPA-3251300VA150Vrms / 150VDC0 - 8Arms
ELPA-3252300VA300Vrms / 300VDC0 - 4Arms
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Different output ranges and application/user specific options are possible. Please contact ETPS to discuss your requirements.
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