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AC Electronic Loads

A programmable AC electronic load provides optimum precision when compared with a traditional resistive load bank, which typically only operates at power factory unity.

Our units allow you to create complex load steps and adjust sink values in small increments within the milliamp range under multiple voltages, waveforms and power factors. A crest factor mode enables peak currents to be simulated. Leading or lagging power factors are programmable from unity to 0 for selected models.

A front panel memory is featured throughout the range, with an auto sequencing function and a waveform bank stored within its non-volatile memory. When operating in constant current, you can choose from sine, square and DC waveforms, as well as being able to amplify signals from a waveform generator through an external input.

All of our AC loads have an isolated current monitor, a useful feature that allows an oscilloscope to be easily connected so the user can view the load current. We offer a variety of remote control interfaces should remote control be required, including: GPIB, RS-232, USB and LAN.

With master-slave capability, up to 8 ELPA-SINE systems can be arranged in parallel up to 180kW. Delta and wye connections are possible to test three phase devices. Each unit operates independently, so systems can be expanded or broken up to meet requirements. A turbo mode is included allowing double the maximum current sink for up to 1 second, ideal for inrush current testing.

Did you know...
  • All of our AC loads can also be operated as DC loads.
  • An RLC load mode is available for the four quadrant EAC-ACS-4Q. This allows the power system to simulate impedance for anti-islanding tests.

The chart below demonstrates our product ranges flexibility in meeting a wide range of varying requirements.
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