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High Power AC Voltage Sources
23 Sep 2016

A new range of programmable AC voltage sources have been released. The EAC-PAVS provides a true sinewave single phase output. Each system is built in its own freestanding cabinet, with models available up to 200kVA. An RS-232 and CAN interface are provided as standard, along with a TFT front panel screen.
High Power Bidirectional AC Systems
10 Aug 2016

The four quadrant EAC-TABI is now available to order. Each system is built in its own freestanding cabinet and operates as either an AC source or AC load. These single power blocks are ideal for projects which do not require modularity. Outputs up to 1.5MW are possible. The system’s TFT screen displays a variety of test and measurement functions.
Reimagining Underway
23 May 2016

We will be revealing a new website design in the coming days and some of our web services may go down. We aim to keep disruption to a minimum. Those who find their experience affected are invited to call our sales team on +44 (0) 1246 452909.
Bidirectional Grid-tied Inverter Launch
29 Apr 2016

A new series of grid-tied bidirectional inverters has been launched. The INV-GABI regenerates electricity from an energy storage device such as a battery pack into a local grid network. Battery charging capability can also be provided for most common chemistries.

Models start at 100kW, with parallel configurations up to 10MW possible using an external control device. Active power factor correction regulates the output, balancing capacitive or inductive loads. Grid frequency signals are used so that the unit feeds electricity back at the most profitable times.

Besides feeding back to the national grid, each unit can be user set to shave peak loads within a localised circuit. For example, the unit can start when demand of an industrial estate reaches 200kW, so that no more than 200kW is drawn from the grid.
Multiple Output Bidirectional Systems Released
04 Apr 2016

The LAB-MOBI is now available to order. Each system is built with 2 or 4 output channels which offer both DC source and sink capabilities. When load testing, any excess energy is recycled back to the local grid.

Each system has an extremely wide operating range. Selected models can sink up to 600A per channel according to the maximum power limit. Operation from 1000V all the way down to 5V is possible without derating. This allows the same system to test 48V mild hybrids and 1000V pure electric vehicles.

While each channel is independently controllable they share a common rectifier section. This saves cost when compared to separate bidirectional systems. It is possible to recycle energy between channels above the rated nominal power of the unit. For example certain 100kW models can sink a DC source, such as a battery pack, up to 480kW from one channel and use the energy directly in a second channel.
ETPS Powering University Record Attempt
15 Mar 2016

B0EM E-Racing ETPS Ltd are working with the Bath Zero Emission Motorcycle (B0EM) Team. We have provided the team with a 1200V LAB-HP DC Source to charge the motorcycle's battery pack during research and testing, as well as prior to races.

B0EM is a dedicated team of engineering students from the University of Bath. They aim to design, build and run an electric racing motorcycle for the Isle of Man TT Zero. An electric only motorcycle race held during the prestigious TT week on the Isle of Man.

Their target is to take the title of Top University Team in their first year, with an average lap speed in excess of 100mph (current university record is 94mph). The team will also be racing in the Moto E race series.
Additional Bidirectional System Functionality
25 Jan 2016

A variety of improved features have been added to the LAB-GSS series. A wide input range is now standard. Each unit operates from 3 × 342VAC to 528VAC, ensuring that systems can operate worldwide.

Additional capacitance has also been added, which is switchable via software. Combined with the dedicated BatSim GUI and bidirectional capability, this makes the LAB-GSS ideal for battery emulation.

The quadrant 4 operating range has been expanded. The nominal current can now be taken at lower voltage levels than previously possible.
ETPS at Southern Manufacturing
05 Jan 2016

ETPS Ltd will be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics from the 9th to the 11th of February. The event takes places at Five Farnborough and is the UK's largest regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition.

A wide selection of our programmable power supplies and electronic test instruments will be on show at stand E140. Members of our technical team will be on hand to talk through various product operations and features.
Remote ON/OFF for Inverter Series
24 Dec 2015

Remote ON/OFF control input for the INV-L series of Inverters is provided as standard. This allows the unit to be started automatically via an external sensor, particularly useful for applications which require automation.

Each Inverter provides a true sinewave output. The INV-L series is available in wall mountable, benchtop or cassette case styles. A wide range of DC inputs are possible.
Capacitor Emulation GUI
24 Nov 2015

A new capacitor emulation GUI has been launched. CapSim enables bidirectional LAB-GSS and CON-DSS systems to emulate the electrical characteristics of most common types of capacitors, such as Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors (also known as super capacitors). The software can also be installed LAB-TC unidirectional power supplies to simulate a discharging capacitor.

State of charge, number of cells in series/parallel, cell cut off limits, dynamic capacitance and resistance can be precisely simulated plus more.
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