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Reliable Man Power

Our people are experts at engineering bespoke systems for different industries. Building a relationship with your business, we act as an extension of your team and fuse specialist skills with high end products to deliver technical brilliance.

Having configured countless safe and compliant technologies, we are experienced leaders of electrical power supply and dynamic testing environments. Our team is on standby to specify and tailor the best technology for the job.

  • Aerospace and Defence Applications

    Safe and secure missions.

    Aircraft safety is paramount in the aerospace and defence sector, which is why we develop robust electrical systems and devices that operate effectively in any condition.

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  • Automotive and Motorsport Applications

    Driving technology.

    With the rising number of hybrid and full electric vehicles, accurate test equipment is crucial to assess component performance and life over time.

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  • Physics and Energy Research Applications

    An exact science.

    High energy and nuclear physics experiments demand extremely sensitive and reliable detection equipment capable of recording individual data of sub-atomic particles.

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  • Full speed ahead.

    Choosing a power supply for a sonar, onboard or onshore system is a very important decision. We design specialist variants that have been ruggedised for these applications, helping you test against shock, vibration and harsh environmental conditions such as humidity.

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  • Power up.

    Electrical devices in the energy and renewables sector must be tested under conditions that they are likely to experience.

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  • Tried and tested.

    In order to boost the performance of your technologies and applications, precise testing environments must be configured to continually achieve reliable results.

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